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Working with Oracle for over 10 years

Oracle is a $40bn company and is the #1 provider of business software, with a broad portfolio of solutions for companies of all sizes.  Today, 430,000 customers in 175 countries use Oracle technologies to seize business opportunities and solve real, tangible challenges.  

Oracle Digital is the inside sales function supporting 3 Lines of Business (LOBs).

  • Applications (SaaS) 
  • Technology (PaaS) 
  • Hardware (IaaS)

Priority Management Training has been driving sales productivity within Oracle Digital for over 10 years. One of the earliest engagements  was to improve productivity with the SaaS sales team who sold Sales and Marketing (CRM) solutions to the EMEA SMB territory, managed  by Yorick Astier. 

Based on the success achieved with the Sales Productivity program within Yorick’s team, Priority Management have expanded their  engagement with Oracle Digital to all 3 LOB’s and to the field sales organisation. 

The WorkingSm@rt™ program is now an established program on the Oracle EMEA development curriculum and 800 people have benefited  from the program. 


Provide a framework that clearly established the priorities of the sales rep role

The CRM team was a rapidly growing team that was struggling to meet their Sales targets. The underlying problem was that individual sales  reps were not finding the time to prospect for new business, a key priority for sales management, as their time was been eroded by an  over emphasis on administrative and operational activities. 

The challenge presented by Yorick and the Oracle Digital leadership team to Priority Management was to provide a framework that clearly  established the priorities of the sales rep role and through personal productivity improvement, ensure sufficient time would be allocated  to prospecting. 


10% Revenue Increase Across the Team

Post course program evaluations conducted at least 90 days after the completion of the class and the individual follow up training  sessions displayed the following results;  

When asked “How much time have you gained each day as a result of the program?

Average productivity improvement per person

This additional 5 hours a week was dedicated to prospecting which led to a proportional increase in pipeline and revenue of 10%  across the team.

By utilising the time freed up by the adoption of the Working Smart methodology to focus the Sales Reps on the key business priority of prospecting, we saw an immediate increase in pipeline generation which eventually resulted in a 10% revenue increase across the team. On a personal level I continue to use the methodology on a daily basis and I have experience at least 10% increase in my own productivity.

Yorick AstierEMEA sales leader, marketing and social cloud at Oracle

When asked “In what areas and by how much have you increased your effectiveness in the following  areas?” – the average improvement identified by respondents was:

Managing Email and technology tools


Tracking Communications


Managing Information


Finding Information


Planning and Organisation


Delegating/Assigning work


Getting results/following up from meetings


Stress reduction


Improved teamwork


Balancing work/life demands


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