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Working with Baxter for 10 years

Baxter Healthcare is an American health care company with headquarters in Deerfield, Illinois. The company primarily focuses on products to treat haemophilia, kidney disease, immune disorders and other chronic and acute medical conditions.

Baxter have approximately 62000 employees.

Priority Management Training has been working with Baxter Healthcare for 10 years in their operations in Ireland, UK and Canada and we have successfully trained over 200 managers, directors and staff members.


Deliver a customised time and workload management training programme

The challenge presented by Baxter Healthcare to Priority Management was to deliver a customised time and workload management training programme that would improve personal and team productivity, help individuals, manager’s and staff focus on priorities and become more proactive; and help people manage high volumes of email.

Additional Requirements included:

  • Multiple delivery options across several countries.


Return on the Training investment of over 1066%

Priority Management took the WorkingSm@rt™ with MS Outlook programme and customised it to incorporate specific Baxter goals and objectives. This was an instructor led training programme delivered by an expert Priority Management facilitator , and run in Baxter sites in Ireland, (Dublin and Castlebar), UK (Compton, Thetford, Oxford, and Northampton), and Canada (Toronto).

Programme graduates then all received an individual follow up training session a week after their initial workshop to reinforce the training done at the workshop, and to make sure the processes and techniques were implemented back at the desk by each and every course graduate.

Each graduate also receives our monthly support LearningLink™ with short articles and techniques to continuously improve in this area of personal productivity.

Using this technique our training programme, FOLLOWED BY INDIVIDUAL BACK UP TRAINING, Baxter have achieved outstanding results and the Return on the Training investment is over 1066%.

Post course program evaluations conducted at least 90 days after the completion of the class and the individual follow up training sessions displayed the following results:


When asked “How much time have you gained each day as a result of the program?

Average productivity gain experienced by programme graduates

This is equivalent to 22 days per person per year saved with reduced stress.

This course is called Priority Management and it will change your life forever. You’ll learn how to manage Outlook so that it stops managing you. The best bit is that every day you will go home with a clear mind and hopefully stress free as your mailbox will be empty and you will have an accurate list of what you need to do. Sounds unbelievable but it does work as everyone else who has done the course will confirm. I can’t recommend this course highly enough and would go as far to say it’s the best day I have ever attended.

Ian James BremnerArea Manufacturing Manager

When asked “In what areas and by how much have you increased your effectiveness in the following  areas?” – the average improvement identified by respondents was:

Managing Email and technology tools


Planning and Organisation


Dealing with stress and reducing its effects


Balancing work/life demands


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